We all experience challenges in our work lives, and they nearly always concern our careers.


Understanding our passion, interests and our purpose in life should be the key to solving these problems - yet most of us leave the responsibility of understanding who we are, what we like, and which job is suitable for us, to our employers. We waste our time moving from job to job, trying to find an employer that we think will look after our career. Bridging the gap between the realities of work-place requirements and your aspirations, talents, and interests, Passion to Careers will inspire you to trust your interests, strengths and passion.

■  Don’t just drift through your career

■  Take charge of your career

■  Find and work in jobs you love

■  Passion to careers shows you how

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This book focuses on how you can bring out the best in yourself.

It provides simple practical solutions to common career problems encountered, what company to work for, and what career to build. It outlines how you can identify your talents, interests and passion and use these in finding work that will be engaging, inspiring and fulfilling.

5 Key Take Aways from Passion to Careers:


■  We all have passion for certain activities that we tend to be good at

■  You can develop your passion by building a skill aligned to what you like

■  You are more likely to be successful if you are in a job using your passion

■  How to build a career that you can monetise later in life

■  You can reinvent yourself and transition into a career aligned to your passion

■  How you can use each job you have to build a legacy throughout your career

■  How you can use your job interviews to assess if the culture of your prospective employer will allow you to thrive and be successful

Is this book for me ?


Yes this book is for you if …

■  You constantly finding yourself changing jobs because you the work you do is not fulfilling

■  You believe you can build a better career than the one you currently have

■  You know someone who needs inspiration to jumpstart their career

■  You are at a stage in your life where you are making career decisions

■  You are thinking of transitioning to a different career

What People Are Saying:


Mentor of Value

"I found that this book provides very down to earth and practical advice. For example, it helped me to understand better the importance of having a career mentor. Having a regular interaction with my mentor has helped me a lot through my current change of career path by helping me making the most of my strengths."

Engineer, MSc, and PhD Candidate

Highly valuable to all individuals

“Gugu Khazi's inspirational and easy to understand advice in Passion to Careers is highly valuable to all individuals who want to achieve their career dreams utilising their passions"

Best Selling Author, Award-Winning Publisher